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Life as a House

Well, Life is a House

I learned something about myself today. I learned a lot about life in the past few moments. I feel a better connection with myself. I was with Jacob while he was typing his last entry. I felt this new bond between us. Before he left for Seattle just a couple minutes ago, he said, "Alright, give me a hug!" It made me feel good.

I made this connection with myself all day. I knew what I was, am, and want to be. I am a musician, who loves drama. I have these incredible life partners. Partners that help me grow...

Steve - His way of showing me what kind of person I am tells me that I can always rely on him for the help I need. I love him so much.

Kristy - Giving me brightness in my dark days, giving me laughter on my sad days, she shows me that I can achieve. I lover her so much.

Jessica - For showing me what love is, is one of the greatest gifts that I could have imagined. I couldn't thank you more for sharing such a magical thing. I lover her so much.

Jacob - He shows me that he can always tell me something that he needs to get out. Showing his complete trust. Him befriending me was one of the greatest things in my life. I love him so much.

Jasmine - Opening my eyes to see that there will be miserable times, but that she will always be there to catch my fall. Always be there for me as long as I am me. I love her so much.

Penny - Giving me the oppurtunity to be what I can be and always be proud of me for it. For showing me that there is a light at the end of the road. For being my guide through the cloudiest paths. I love her so much.

They've all shown me the greatest things in life. My family has given me life as well....

Mom - For showing that she is the best friend that I could ever have. For helping me become the person I am today.

Dad - I might say I hate him, but in truth, I love him so much for giving me the chance to be what I want to be, a musician. He bought me my first guitar.

Kim - My soul is crafted out of hers. She is me but not. She was the black sheep in the family, but has given the honor to me. I can't thank her more.

Jody - She always tells me that she is there for me. Just that security alone is comforting to me, and always will be. I love her sincerity.

Bryce - When I was having the worst times, he showed me that he cared. Which can be hard to do for an oversized jock. He has shown me that it's ok to have a soft side.

And of course the three most important people in my life....

Jadn - My first niece, I was the first person she kissed on the cheek. She was the first to show me how precious children are.

London - For idolizing me and making me feel like I can be a father, and will want to have children someday. I bond with him so incredibly.

Caitlynn - For looking for me above all the others in the room. For saying my name to everyone else. For pointing her hands towards me.

There are always downsides in life. There are always going to be miserable times. There is no way that drama will be erased permanently, but it will become less important. And there will always be things that can lift your body from pure emotional hell. Just know who you are, what you will become, and that there will always be people to help you. Put your faith in them and in yourself. Because in the end.... you'll have family, and friends....

....and love

-Joshua Allen Moore

aka - Flower

aka - Clayton

2:09 a.m. - 2003-03-25


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